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The specialized Dental Clinic - Dr. Isabela Castro Dias Andreatta - brings a differentiated concept that offers the best solution in personalized dental treatments, providing quality of life and physical and mental well-being of the patient.

In these 23 years of experience in the dental field, the importance of a good relationship between dentist and patient, clarity, ethics, transparency and responsibility have always been present in the treatments performed.

Dr. Isabela Dias Andreatta


  • Specialization in Dental Prosthesis by the Bauruense Foundation for Dental Studies (Bauru School of Dentistry at the University of São Paulo) FUNBEO-USP, 2004. 

  • Improvement in Periodontics and Prosthesis - ABO-PR

  • Improvement in Oral Clinical Periodontics - Bauru-SP

  • Improvement in Prosthesis on Implant - IEO Bauru-SP

  • Improvement in Occlusion and Temporomandibular Disorders - IEO Bauru-SP

Dra. Isabela Dias - dentista

Graduated from UFPR (1994-1998)

Specialist in Dental Prosthesis (USP Bauru)

Postgraduate in Periodontics and Occlusion (USP Bauru)

Postgraduate in TMJ and Orofacial Pain (USP Bauru)

CRO 11228/PR

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Years of experience


team members

Nossos Serviços


General clinic

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of conditions, disorders and diseases of the teeth and gums. Services related to the maintenance of oral hygiene and oral health.

oral rehabilitation


Set of clinical and prosthetic procedures, in which all dental specialties.

Dental prosthesis


 Reconstruction and replacement of damaged or lost dental elements, restoring the patient's masticatory, aesthetic and phonetic characteristics and functions.

ATM dysfunction


Treatment of problems in the jaw, jaw joints and muscles of mastication.



 Prevention and treatment of diseases that affect the supporting and protective tissues of the teeth

implant dentistry


 Oral health rehabilitation when one or more teeth are missing.



Prevention and treatment of problems with growth, development and maturation of the face, dental arches and bite.

Tooth whitening


Technique that uses whitening agents to recover the original color of the teeth. It also promotes the whitening of originally darkened teeth.



Using the latest technology, it is a mobile and transparent device, made individually.



For children between 6 and 10 years old with mixed dentition (baby teeth and permanent teeth).


Dra. Isabela Dias - dentista
Dr. Jacinto Maia da Silva - Ortodontista
doctor Jacinto A. Maia da Silva

Specialist in Orthodontics (APCD-USP Bauru)

CRO 8289/PR

Dr. Isabela Dias

Specialist in Dental Prosthesis (USP Bauru)

Postgraduate in Periodontics and Occlusion (USP Bauru)

Postgraduate in TMJ and Orofacial Pain (USP Bauru)

CRO 11228/PR

Dr. Thiago Pasqualotto

Graduado em Odontologia (UFPR

Especialista em Implantodontia (UFPR)

Membro do International Team for Implantology (ITI)

Pós Graduado em Cirurgia Oral Menor (UNINGÁ)

Pós Graduado em Harmonização Orofacial (FACE ACADEMY)

CRO 21.405/PR

Dr Thiago Pasqualotto
Nayara Nogueira - Auxiliar Dentista
Ielba Naiara Nogueira
Dental Surgeon Assistant
Bruna Mauri - Auxiliar Dentista
Bruna Mauri
Auxiliar Cirurgião Dentista
Dra. Danielli Marçal
Dra. Danielli Marçal

Especialista em Harmonização Orofacial

Especialista em Dentística

CRO 28.965/PR

Nossos Dentistas



"My dentist is special. Always attentive, educational and careful.

She takes care of me and the office has a sensational service."

Heloisa Puppi

"Dr. Isabela is undoubtedly an excellent professional.   Dedicated to the patient, she offers a more humane and specialized service, which comforts and reassures us during consultations. Extremely attentive, she tries to explain in detail the step step by step of the entire treatment. In addition to helping us at any time of the day, whenever we need further clarification."

Dr. Isabela was always very attentive in the consultations, answered all my doubts and explained the procedures clearly. She gives me a lot of confidence! I highly recommend her appointment!

Natalia Dias

Flavia Bergamaschi

Histórias de Sucesso
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Our Addresses

Av. Camilo de Lellis, 633 room 13
Pinhais - PR  CEP: 83.323-000

Phone: (41) 3667-8455

Cel: (41) 99767-7695

Av. September Seven, 5388 room 1103
Curitiba - PR  CEP: 80.240-000

Phone: (41) 3342-1116

Cel: (41) 99767-7695

Monday – Friday  08:00 – 19:00hrs


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